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How to get cleared to Volunteer 2024 (Yosemite Little League)

Board members and anyone coaching or managing a team (needing to be on the field/dugout) – REQUIRED:

(Once all requirements are completed you will receive an ID allowing your field access)

JDP background check (every year)

Live Scan Finger printing (once in a lifetime)

LL/CA training requirements (once)

CA training requirements (once)

LL Diamond Leader Training (Board and all Seniors, Juniors, Majors, and AAA Managers/Coaches) (once)

All other volunteers helping with kids off the game field (practices, etc.) - REQUIRED:

JDP background check (every year)

LL/CA training requirements (once)

All other volunteers not helping directly with kids (scorekeeper, team mom) - RECOMMENDED:

JDP background check (every year)

LL/CA training requirements (once)


JDP background check is completed by logging into the registration system at and clicking on Volunteer on the left-hand side.  Once complete you will get an email to complete the background check online.  So, it’s two parts.

Finger printing is completed using our Yosemite Little League Finger print form (DOWNLOAD HERE: live scan form yos ll bcia_8016 1_.pdf)– we cannot take results from another agency you were fingerprinted for in the past. 

Live Scan Fingerprinting Appointments Available:    Monday through Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm.

The Sheriff's Office offers Live Scan services at the main office and at the Oakhurst Substation by appointment only.  The cost for Live Scan fingerprints is $8.00 for the Sheriff's Office.   ONLY CHECK DOJ, WE WILL BE EXEMPT FROM FEES FROM DOJ.

Please review Madera County procedures and locations:

Please call 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment or no longer need the appointment. 

Live Scan Service Documentation Required

  • Valid Picture ID: Valid Id includes CA Drivers License, CA Identification Card, Military ID, Passport ID, Alien Work Permit or Out of State Drivers License and or Identification Card.  High School ID Cards are allowed if you are currently in high school.  Receipts for an ID Card or Driver’s License from the DMV are not valid identification.  Marticulor de Consular cards are also not considered valid photo identification.

·         Live Scan Form: This form is provided to you by the agency wanting you to do the Live Scan.  BRING THIS FORM FOR TO YOUR LIVESCAN APPOINTMENT: live scan form yos ll bcia_8016 1_.pdf

LL/CA training 2024 (Child abuse awareness) is completed by this link

                Child Abuse Awareness:

CA Trainings are completed by these links

Concussion training:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness:

LL Diamond Leader Training is completed at this link

Email all certificates to [email protected]

Questions contact our [email protected]

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